Marine Trailer Winches

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Why buy 12 volt?

Manual winches require your physical strength to pull and crank the weight of your boat as it fights gravity. With your Powerwinch 12 volt trailer winch, your boat can glide onto the trailer by simply pressing the remote and the work is done! Fast, easy, and safe!

With the 12 volt electric trailer winch, you can use a pulley or block at the bow eye to double your pulling power (which doubles the cable and halves the retrieval speed). You can get more strength out of your trailer winch.

Remote Control Winch
Enjoy the luxury of effortless trailer loading!
Model 712 & 912
The 712 and 912 Trailer Winches are well established with solid, reliable reputations.
Model 915
Power-in/Power-out, for boats up to 9500lbs.